Charming hideaway boutique hotels in Paris

Paris was the 3rd most visited city in the world in 2017, with 16,1 million visitors gathering from all over the world, according to Mastercard’s Global Destination Cities Index. The first 2 winners were Bangkok and London, each with an astonishing 20 million people.

To accommodate the flow of mesmerized tourists, The French Capital has an arsenal of about 1800 hotels, from 1 star to 5 stars, to a handful of  excellent palace Hotels, that guarantee a sublime and on-point service.

And since we are talking about the charming and delightful Paris, very popular in the last few years are the boutique hotels. Unique establishments, with a style of their own, both in design and atmosphere. These types of hotels are the perfect getaway when you want to break the stereo type of the in-and-out hotel room with boring furniture and ugly carpets.

The boutique hotels offer the perfect setting for a memorable and intense erotic massage session; not only easy accessible but private and discreet in the same time. Just about every arrondisment of Paris has 2 ore more quite interesting boutique hotels but center Paris is where they tend to be more numerous.

I will be listing here my top favorites, based entirely on my preference in terms of theme and accessibility for visits. The last thing you would want is to book a hotel only to find out what they don’t accept their guests receiving visitors,  even if it’s not overnight.

  • Saint James Paris – Relais et Châteaux- 43 Av Bugeaud 75116- tucked away , a few minutes away from the Arc de Triomphe, this little jewel has a spectacular outside  fountain, together with the look and feel of a châteaux
  • Hôtel Résidence Henri IV – 50 rue des Bernardins 75005, charming establishment in the heart of the Latin Quarter , bathrooms with bathtub and excellent service
  • Hidden Hotel–  28 rue de L’Arc de Triomphe 75017, a modern decoration in stone, bio products and a great breakfast .

A session of nude erotic massage is usually much more effective if done in a comfortable environment that  is pleasing to the eyes. It has to put you in a state of relaxation, even before starting the nude body to body. Low lighting, soft music and a warm room is the start of a few hours of pure bliss .

Let yourself be pleasantly surprised and charmed by a sensual masseuse next time you come to Paris.


+33 7 80 83 73 79

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Life after Fashion Week in Paris

So, dear men, are you still wondering what you’re gonna wear this year? Have you taken note of all the trends and tendencies for 2018? Ok, settle down, that enthusiasm won’t last very long because as far as I could see , 90% of the outfits presented can’t really be worn in this “delightful” Parisian weather that we are having and for sure the wind will ruin any chance of wearing that” off the shoulder” blazer you had your eye on 🙂

I am only teasing ( as I so much enjoy doing so) but between you and me, women will always fall for a well tailored suit and a mannered man ; a dash of good cologne also helps, just FYI.

And seeing that the French Capital also started clearing after all the fashion shows, I don’t think to be so wrong in suggesting a relaxing session of erotic massage while you are in town, am I?

I mean a good back-rub and a sensual lingering body to body might be exactly what the doctor ordered  and if that wasn’t enough, the other good news is that all will be in the comfort of your hotel room. No need to face the rain on back alleys in search of a Spa with bad lighting .

Discreet and always on time, it would be my pleasure to do a private catwalk fashion show, wrapped in “coquine” sexy lingerie.

Think about it 🙂


Antonia / + 33 (0)7 80 83 73 79

Mysterious sensual masseuse in Paris



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New Year, new resolutions… maybe

Now that the dust has set on the the memories of New Years Night, January 2018 in Paris is first of all crazy cold and awfully quiet. Not much seems to move and whatever trace  of new found or renewed motivation was left from the first week,  is now gently floating on the rising level of the Seine. I might not paint such a pretty picture right here, but the cold weather and and the low energy level we are experiencing, at least should be encouraging you guys to seek the comfort and the well-being that a session of erotic massage will bring.

sexy photo of masseuse in Paris

Black high waist french lingerie

Now look at that and tell me that’s not tempting. Some naughty black lingerie, a smooth skin to slide and glide on top of you and some well chosen sensual music . I think you are getting the right picture in your head right now.

After so many years, I still enjoy giving sensual massages. From my point of view, I believe that the body to body nude massage should be viewed as an experience that offers a release on much more levels than the erotic of it all. It is in itself about companionship, about sharing a private moment and more important as it is in the comfort of your home or hotel room. Since no sexual performance is expected of you, the relaxed sensation you will be feeling is a good way to start a nude erotic session.

I can’t help but reminisce of the wonderful 2017 that I had, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store next.

I have made no resolutions this year, I will just continue as usual,to provide a high class service of sensual massage in Paris , have fun with it and take it as it is, with high and lows.

But seriously, pick up the phone and call,I’m getting lonely 🙂




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Moral boost with a new photoshoot

I am genuinely surprised at how upbeat and happy some people get around the Winter Holidays. Not that I consider myself a sexy mean Grinch but it is hard to still get excited over the fact that is  crowded everywhere, the Christmas music is ever so annoying and ya, not to mention that for the whole winter I don’t succeed in feeling warm for more than 5 minutes. Oh, what a joy winter is 🙂

This year was no different, so as soon as I felt that I become more sensitive than usual, I have booked myself a sensual photoshoot. I just looooove to play dress up in stockings and skimpy little outfits. Especially black ones, they have such a classy feel to it.

But first thing’s first , in order for a photoshooot to be successful, besides having a great photographer and sexy little outfits , you have to prepare your skin to be camera ready. And that means pampering time at the SPA….Yaaayyy….. A good gentle scrub with black soap, a well-deserved session in the Steam Room, full body massage and a hot tea to seal the deal. Feels amazing just writing about it . The ritual in itself helps as much as the results , since it tends to slow down the hectic rhythm of the last couple of weeks.

A photoshoot is a great moral boost because it reminds you that you can feel sensual even in this rainy weather and that it lets you play the glamorous model for a couple of hours and that for sure improves the self esteem.

High class masseuse in Paris

Glamorous photoshoot sensual pose with pearls

I know that for me 2018 will be very important and quite busy but I will still be here providing super sensual nude massages in Paris, all you have to do is give me a call.

Happy Holidays everybody!

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Sexy massage for Halloween

Temptation behind the mask

Massage erotic mask

It is very well known that Halloween is quite popular mostly in America and they really make a day out of it: from handing out candies, to elaborate scares and experimenting with original  costumes, it is serious business.

Here in Europe on the other hand, what has caught on is the dress up game and a party afterwards. In France especially, Halloween parties are gaining popularity. The costumes remain shy, sometimes a bit daring, but we will leave the imagination and the rituals to the Americans, they are in it to win 🙂

I feel the Halloween spirit is taking over me too. It might be “trick or treat” but knowing me I’ll go for the “treat”, and use some “tricks” to add value to the massage session.

A sexy alluring mask sounds exactly the spice needed to make a sensual massage even more fun. Not only it offers a moment of escape from the busy everyday schedule, but an erotic massage helps you focus better afterwards and not to mention you are left with a great memory  🙂 . So playing naughty dress up to enrich a body to body massage is a very exciting idea. No scary costumes allowed, that is for sure.

If you can imagine a slim and tall masseuse, wearing sexy black lingerie paired with lace stockings, a mysterious eye mask and a great smile, tell me that is not the perfect premise for a relaxing night in. Outcall erotic massage in Paris, that is the answer.

You will be treated right, and I promise you will not get “tricked” , but you will get “treated”. Halloween pun, anyone?




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Massage makes everything better

Yoga breathing

Your body is your temple

What we ignore most of the time in our daily life, is what tends to persist and when we least expect ,we get some less than cheerful surprises and we collapse.

Now that the summer is gone, the body will suffer from the change of temperature and no matter how well we think we are doing, at some point vitamins are the sure way to go. But among other things, a session of massage has been proven that it has the same effects as a good work out at the gym.
It puts us in a better mood, it relaxes the muscles and it raises the level of well-being.
Imagine that you already have the time available to schedule a private outcall massage, see yourself making the call or sending the email and just observe how already you anticipate the great satisfaction that you will have while getting that relaxing session.

Even more true when we talk about erotic massage since we know that the very happy ending of those sensual touches will bring an extra deserved happiness.The benefits of an erotic nude massage should be on the list of priorities when entering the cold season. Let’s face it, nothing compares to the warmth of a body sliding up and down and no vitamin can replace the skilled touch of an erotic masseuse.
Massage is perfect if you want to release your stress, anxiety and overall feeling of exhaustion. Once the body is relaxed, the mind will find a way to quite down for a moment and allow you to fully enjoy all the great advantages of a blissful, un-rushed outcall sensual massage.

So don’t hesitate to contact me at , to inquire about the different sessions I offer.


Antonia xxx

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Site safety and ranking

Might be the rain, might be the summer holiday season or simply that people are not that into erotic massage anymore, but things have been pretty quiet around here in the French Capital . A bit of SEO and marketing would be in order because I simply refuse to believe that sensual massage in not popular anymore.

There are no downsides to having a session of body to body  so how come demand is low? Let’s find out, shall we?

A quick check of the website has revealed the following

Site position on web

Site ranking



I am overall satisfied how the website is performing but some teaks here and there are necessary. At least the site is listed as Legal, safe and somewhat popular 🙂

But considering that the content is neither shared or commented on, I believe that Ranking 8 million out of 30 million is not too shabby for a tantric massage website.

Only the 35% SEO score has got me worried, since I know that to be a week point that I have been ignoring a bit . Investing some time to dust off the wheals wouldn’t hurt.

In the meantime, I hope that by the end of August, things will be back to normal because it would be a shame to visit Paris and not try the local delicacies. A great back massage with a sensual and erotic approach is the very best that The City of Lights has to offer.

Don’t be shy




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Cool massage for hot days in Paris

keep cool with an erotic massage

Hot summer days in Paris

Oh, how much we miss the hot summer days when we are in the middle of the long and rainy winter nights. And now that the temperatures are burning the skin, some shade and a way to cool down is all we need.

The recent heatwave that we are experiencing here in Paris, is the perfect excuse to seek the comfort and freshness of an erotic massage. Preferably, in a room with air conditioning or at least away from direct sunlight. The temperature of the room has to be low, so that the touches along with the sliding and gliding , feels like a blessing and not torture 🙂  The secret is a lukewarm shower in the beginning of the session and that is for both people interacting  in the massage. Oh, yes, it’s a must. And showering together has also the effect of getting acquainted with the partner and also reducing a big part of the involuntary sweating do to nervousness and anticipation.

And once the body temperature is reduced to an acceptable level of comfort, then we can oil the skin in order to start the body to body massage. To have a working fan nearby is also a very good idea and make use of it every time things get a bit more hot. And be sure that they will…  we are talking about sensual massage sessions after all.

And even if things should get somewhat sticky and sweaty , it’s all in the game. No pain, no gain as there is another great reward at the end, besides the well deserved happy ending. That’s right, another shower together.

So don’t shy away from getting a massage in these hot conditions, it only makes the enjoyment that much greater.

See you soon




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Top 5 reasons why a massage is good for you

Regardless of what job we have or how much free time we manage to set aside each week, one sure way to relieve stress is to consider a session of full body massage.  No matter if is a delicious sensual body-to-body or a traditional “underwear  on” session, it is highly recommended to allow your body to reset, at least once every other week.

This becomes even more important when you are traveling a lot, jet lagged, tired from the endless hours of waiting at the airport or in the back of the taxi, on the way to the hotel.Even if visiting the same city or a new one, try to incorporate a massage , whenever your schedule allows it.

Nowadays , it can be planned well in advance , which saves you the trouble of wandering the streets looking for a parlour 🙂 Granted, is not always easy to find the free time, but a bit of careful planning and a reliable masseuse can go a long way. This way, it avoids the frustration of getting at the hotel and calling numerous spa’s or independent masseuses and finding that it takes them too long to get to you. Word of advice, the normal window of time allowed from the moment of confirmation and the erotic masseuse arriving at the door is 45-60 minutes. Nobody lives around the corner from the hotel and we all need a bit of time to freshen up, figure out the best way to get there considering traffic, prior engagements, etc. And on behalf of all the masseuses living in Paris, we thank you for your understanding 🙂

Ok, ok, I am done being mean to you. Time to convince you that you actually need a massage. And believe me you do…want my massage !!

  1. To reduce stress level- chances are that shorts visits to Paris are usually for business meetings and with that comes an elevated level of stress and anxiousness. Massage therapy is a great way to reduce tension.
  2. To sleep better- regardless of the moment when you are enjoying your “happy ending session“, you are more than guaranteed to have a good night’s sleep. It is recommended , however, to have the sensual massage preferably before going to bed. That way, taking a hot shower after and tucking in completely relaxed, is a good ending for any type of day that you might have had.
  3. To relieve pain- the main focuses of any massage ( in the beginning of the session at least) are the back and the neck. Frequent flyers are more than familiar with these discomforts and during a massage, the muscles are quickly relaxing.
  4. It helps you focus- since the service that I provide is erotic massage, the back is not the only one getting the good treatment. A big part of sexual tension is released also, so during those loooooong business diners, the brain will have first dibs on the blood supply , thus making you more alert.
  5. Is  fun – let’s face it: releasing tension can’t get any more fun than this. Attractive naked sensual masseuse sliding and gliding , erotic touches and a happy ending is more than enough to be considered a fun activity.

So start planning in advance for your next trip to Paris and book a sensual happy ending massage with yours truly 🙂 or call me at +33 (0)7 80 83 73 79







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Sensual massage deserves to be done well

Benefits of a good massage

No stress only a good massage

What deserves to be done, it deserves to be well done.

One of the reasons why I am still in the massage business is because I am still having fun with it. I’ ve always told myself that when it starts to feel like am I doing a mechanical job, it is sure time to quit. It hasn’t happened thus far and I am happy about that.
For me, it has a certain appeal this field, and I like to believe that it takes a bit more than beauty to make it and to keep it going for so long.Even if we talk about short encounters, every date is different and unique .
The erotic massage is more appealing than any other service available, mainly because of 2 important characteristics: premises of relaxation and intimacy. Both of whitch are not easy to get when time is limited and if it’s the first time that you meet each other. Here the masseuse has to rely on her natural skills for an easy conversation, a touch of light therapy and overall an easy-going approach in order to take some of the tension away.
As soon as the lights are dimmed and the lounge soft music fills the room, the next step is to start the fun with the old ” I’ll show you mine, you show me yours” 🙂
You guessed it:  “NAKED TIME”.

The experience of the erotic massage has to be understood and performed as a truly well-rounded session of relaxation mixed with sensuality. Because it’s so much more satisfying when an encounter ends with happy endings 🙂

See you when the lights are dimmed






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